assemble(d) MEDIA products

Assemble AUDIO

If you’re on tv and not radio, you already know you’re over-delivering heavy tv viewers who may be outside your sweetspot. And you know your tv reach curve flattens out more quickly than you’d like. You need to maximize effective reach. That's where Assemble AUDIO comes in.

Audio choice and ease of use have never been greater. With smart technology, we can listen whenever we want to most anything we want. And estimates have Americans averaging as much as four hours of listening a day (Edison). 

AM/FM radio earns 54% of all adult listening and 82% of all in-car listening (Edison) and with Americans averaging more than an hour and half of listening in our cars each day (Harvard Health Watch), Assemble AUDIO puts you IN the room with attentive prospects and a resonant message.

If you’re spending only in digital, AUDIO is the tool for reaching larger prospect pools. Production cost is low and implementation is straightforward. And if you’ve tested radio with no prior luck, we have command of the factors that lead to success. We’ve honed processes and prices for buying traditional and nontraditional AUDIO that assure our client's message is being heard and earning response.

Assemble AUDIO.

Assemble MASS

Is a long speech better than a short one? Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address lasted but two minutes. Our MASS product is like an elevator speech to millions, short and sweet in a can't miss environment.

We’ve designed compact, efficient and powerful media implementations across multiple offline media, tv, radio, outdoor and print, assemble(d) they form MASS.

Great for a launch, great for continuity, great to create a sense of movement by aligning your short MASS messaging with current trends or product news. We know MASS works to drive traffic to sites and to retail, it’s also increasing sales by keeping products top of mind. If you have or are interested in creating a clear, short message that creates curiosity, MASS will broadcast your message in a big way.

Assemble MASS.

Assemble PUBLIC

Public audio comes down to this:  if your product skews affluent, educated, curious or influential adults 35+, PUBLIC should be in your mix. There is no good reason not to invest in these 40 million listeners, excepting you need an experienced partner to help you. 

Assemble's PUBLIC product is built on below market pricing, tested daypart mix strategies, distributor relationships, and an expertise in producing effective, FCC approved copy that drives traffic to your website.

Your best prospects are public radio listeners. Actively listening to the high quality, no clutter content, they’re engaged with the programming as well as the sponsor messaging.

Most marketers miss out because public is a channel that’s not easy for agencies to navigate.

Assemble PARTNERS has successfully harnessed PUBLIC power to drive awareness and sales for our clients. 

We know how to make PUBLIC work for you.

Assemble PUBLIC.

Assemble MARKET

A client of ours with a VC background mused, “Why can’t the media marketplace be more like the financial marketplace?” A year on and we have answered the call. We are incredibly excited to introduce our MARKET media product.

If you’ve ever wondered if the price you pay for media is the right price, then we invite you to test MARKET. It assembles all our best learning on how to make media hum and flips the implementation process on its head. MARKET's initial offering is upcoming and we’re now accepting clients for the first wave.

Thank you for your interest. Please contact us to learn more.

Assemble MARKET. 


With our new offering of streamlined media products, Assemble is providing our marketing partners with powerful tools to go to market with confidence that ad spend can pay itself back.


We're redefining buying processes and designing products that break down opacity and capitalize on media expansion.


Assemble Partners can write, produce and coordinate messaging, dovetailing with earned media resources and keeping your communication intriguingly in the moment.