David Heller Departs mcgarrybowen To Launch Media Start-up, Assemble Partners LLC

(New York, New York. May 22, 2013) — Director of Media Services at mcgarrybowen since 2009, David B. Heller is leaving to form the independent media services company Assemble Partners.

Assemble is a new breed media company designed to harness the opportunities created by media proliferation. The company is a fleet footed start-up with deep media experience and best-in-class partners. Assemble's mission is to work with publishers, agencies and advertisers to identify, integrate, execute and track performance of powerful and innovative media programs. “We’ve finally got a wide open marketplace,” says Heller, “and we see a zillion and a half new opportunities to break through in unexpected ways at every budget.”

“There is so much we can do for our clients when we can lead the process, mine the current marketplace for best solutions, and partner as needed. But this is just the jumping off point for Assemble Partners,” Heller asserts. "We’re living in a media frontier that has released the stranglehold of single channel distribution and the next five years will present openings for us to construct true product content that fills an integral need in the information hierarchy.”

Jon Diament, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Turner Sports, affirms, "David is a partner who works creatively and tirelessly on behalf of his clients to align all parties behind solid, integrated ideas. He gets all parties working together to generate big value for his clients."

Prior to mcgarrybowen, Heller was President of DentsuNext, and previously headed the media departments at Kirshenbaum & Bond, TMPG Media Innovation and Colby & Partners. He has extensive experience running media for some of the world's biggest brands, including British Airways, Qantas Airways, Northwest Airlines, Wyndham Hotels, Revlon, General Mills, Kraft, Northrop Grumman, Sharp Electronics, Dish Network, Liberty Mutual, Citibank, CIT Group and Credit Suisse.

Out of the gate, Heller and partner Kimberly Bassett, who brings both a media and design background, have built a client base that includes several Silicon Valley start-ups. “With big ambitions and a willingness to experiment and innovate, start-ups are seeking us out,” offers Bassett. “They’re looking for what works and don’t have time to waste. We have to succeed with unmistakably measurable results. Our ability to filter high quality yet super-efficient media has resonated with Silicon Valley marketers such as, who are utilizing Assemble’s expertise in non-mainstream vehicles, like NPR, to drive traffic to digital platforms."

Terrence Sweeney, CMO of Pinger, a Kleiner Perkins-backed Silicon Valley mobile start-up, has been working with Heller for more than 20 years. “David is a master strategist, an industry insider, a relentless negotiator and a mad scientist rolled into one. He has a deep understanding of all traditional and digital media channels. What sets David apart is his ability to identify unique media opportunities and integrate them in a way that is incredibly efficient and highly effective for his client’s business. It will be exciting to watch this company take off.”

New York City

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